Dog Walking Club

Low Key Training in a friendly environment.


The dog walking club meets every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in areas local to Gosport, Lee on Solent and Stubbington at 7am – 8am.


The usual areas so far are Gilkicker, Browndown, Alver Valley, Seafields Park and Meon Shore, though suggestions are always welcome.


The purpose is to foster good relationships with walking our dog, using some games and bonding techniques to help . The things we can work on are Recall, Loose Lead Walking, Waits and Stays, and Stops, as well as dog sports like Dog Parkour, where we can film routines for online Competitions.
Debbi is also happy to spend the time talking about any issues or questions regarding behaviour, training or dog sports, and you can pick up a lot of useful information in a causal environment which may suit some people more than formal lessons.


The club so far has a few very active members and also come that come less frequently. You can come as often or as frequently as you wish, and membership is £25 per month.
The majority of dogs are off lead, though several are on long lines. This club is not suitable for dog reactive dogs, as it will be far too stressful for them.

How We Work
german shepherd dog obedience training


We only use proven, progressive and positive methods, always managing the situations and environments to ensure your dog is able to ‘win’ every time. Where we can, we involve play in the training, as evidence has shown that neural pathways are formed more quickly when learned through play.

dog training play


With thousands of hours of teaching and training experience we can make sure that your goals are achieved in a timely and positive manner. Having titled her dogs in a variety of sports, including competitive Obedience, and having taken in dogs from rescue situations and continuing to work as a Behaviorist for a variety of rescue charities, Debbi is well placed to ensure that your dog is met with the same kindness, consistency and methods which contribute to success.

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