Loving a stressed, fearful or aggressive dog is emotionally draining.

Helping you to help your dog

Most dogs have particular triggers which have been conditioned through experience with certain emotions.
Finding these triggers and changing the attached emotion through safety, security and gentle encouragement is one of the most effective ways of helping your dog.

Separation Anxiety is one of the most common problems in dogs, affecting up to 75%, according to new research. This manifests in barking, chewing an destructive behaviour. We can help manage and mitigate this, but dogs are best not left isolated from their pack beyond their ability to cope.
We have a special package put together which will comprehensively take you through the training.

Fear, Aggression and Reactivity

If you are having issues with your dogs behaviour, please call us right away for a free initial consultation.
We can talk you through some options, and help you to figure out whether regular training will help or whether you will need emotional help for your dog.
We have a special package for reactive dogs which will take you through everything you need to help them cope.

We can also help with suggestions and physical options of initial management to help you live alongside your dog whilst we change his emotional state.

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