Training your dog to thrive in the modern world is part of your duty to them.

Cognition and How Dogs Think

Research into canine cognition and how they learn is putting your dog in the forefront of his own learning by using how your dog solves problems to create structured and individual learning environments. This keeps the dog calm, happy and eager to learn.

Our sessions, whether group or private aim to put your dog at the heart of their own learning.
We go at your dog’s pace, and use several different methods to make sure that your dog is able to fully understand what we are expecting from them.

Types of Training Offered

Private Sessions

Private sessions are an hour long and focus on you and your dog’s specific needs. I cover everything from reactivity, loose lead walking, recalls, general obedience, puppy training to dog sports and foundations.

Private Walks
I offer 45 minute private training walks for dogs who need a bit of extra help with their training. These are perfect for training things such as recall, loose leash walking, gundog work and various other bits and pieces!

Group Lessons

  • Puppy Training and Socialisation – These are a six week block which take place on Monday evenings at Lee on Solent Community Association.
  • Control Unleashed – This is aimed at Junior dogs and dogs with little off lead control. We teach recalls, emergency stops, send aways, waits, heel work and loose lead walking.
  • Sports and Stunts – Once you have mastered the basic obedience we start to have some fun. We introduce agility, gundog work, tricks and stunts, flyball, scentwork and various other dog sports to give your dog some fun each week!


  • Recall – this is a one or two hour workshop showing you plenty of games to play with your dog to get their recall perfected!
  • Loose lead walking – a morning or afternoon specifically spent looking at how to improve your walks with your dog, and stop you getting dragged away in the process!
  • Cooperative Care – Taking care of your dog is important, and getting them to cooperate with health checks and grooming means the whole thing is less stressful for you both!
  • Pet Gundog – Give your dog some fun and teach them to hunt and retrieve anything – use tennis balls, dummys, toys etc. This is about fun and stimulation.
  • Trick Training – Teach your dog some fun tricks to keep both of you entertained, and to impress family and friends with your fun bond!
  • Toy Play and Building your Relationship – Playing is how dogs build bonds, build trust and learn to interact. If your dog wants to play with you, they will do anything for you!
  • Clicker Training – To teach your dog concepts and advanced skills there is nothing better than the clicker! A dog who is taught by this method is one who understands how to learn, and is resilient when trying new things!
  • Canine Body Language – This is great for groups, youth groups, schools etc as it teaches the fundamentals of how to understand what a dog is trying to say. Build up your confidence around dogs by understanding when they are worried, unsure, asking to play etc.

All lessons should be fun, relaxed and positive; meaning fast and effective results. Training takes place in the most effective environment. Dogs are not great generalisers, so a perfect recall in your house or garden will not necessarily transfer into a real world scenario!

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