Gundog Levels

Working through these levels should get you to the point of planning your first Working Test, or going out on a shoot. All dogs of any breed from around six months old are able to participate.

Level One

20m off lead with dummy previously thrown out as distraction

Heel to a ‘Stop’ then walk away 20m. Wait for 30 seconds before going back/recalling.
Stay for two minutes.

Blind Retrieves
Permanent blind established, sent out with confidence.

Six objects in light cover, hunt up area.

Left and right casting at five metres.

Marked Retrieves
20m No distractions, return to hand.
Memory retrieve along fenceline.
Two Dummy straightline retrieve.
Double marked retrieve.

Level Two

30m with a dummy thrown away as a distraction.
Heelwork course with changes of directions and pace, stops and send aways.

Stay whilst balls and dummies are thrown.
Stay for three minutes at 10m.
Sit to flush/shot.

Blind Retrieves
Blinds along a fenceline.
Permanent blind at distance.

Hunt Up (Quartering) in figures of eight.

Left, right and back casting from 15m.

Marked Retrieves
Memory retrieve at 30m.
Marked retrieve – send and stop.
Multiple straight line retrieve.
3 marked retrieves at 0, 90 and 180 degrees.

Level Three

Course with dummies thrown.

Recall with distraction dummies thrown.
Stay whilst handler walks out of sight.
Sit to flush/shot whilst quartering.

Blind Retrieves
Blind with distraction of marked object.
Blind with obstacles.
Blind placed while dog running out to other mark.

Blind hunt of five dummies in thick cover – timed.

Seven handed casting.

Marked Retrieves
Send to mark, stop, throw out new mark, retrieve both in order.
Clockwork retrieve.
3 marks from perpendicular to first (closing up the angles)
Memory with obstacles.

Each Level Completion Earns a Certificate and Rosette