Gundog Training

Gundog Training provides a great outlet for your dog’s natural hunting ability.


Group Lessons

Group Lessons are currently taken on Tuesday evenings, from Beginners up to Level 3. Other days are added in throughout the off season (April – September) subject to demand. They happen at the Club Field in Stubbington, and are suitable for fit, healthy dogs from the age of 6 months. Dogs must have a good recall/focus on their handler. Courses are arranged in six-week slots, with the next six week course due to start in January 2022.
Your dog does not have to be a gundog breed to come to lessons.

Private Sessions

Private sessions generally happen midweek mornings/lunchtimes at the Club Field in Stubbington. We can cover any area of gundog work, from complete beginners up to pre-competition.

Have a Go workshops

For those who would like to give gundog work a go without committing to group sessions we often run ‘Have a Go’ Workshops throughout the off-season (April – September). These will introduce your dog to the a lot of the variety and fun of gundog work.

Club Field

The Club field has several areas which are utilised in gundog training; a simple mown field, an uncut meadow area, a scurry run, and undergrowth for hunting.

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How We Train

All of our training is carried out using only positive, progressive and proven techniques. These techniques have enabled us to compete to a high standard with many dogs, and are well proven in the gundog world.

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See a breakdown of our Gundog Level Awards!

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