Loose Lead Walking Package

Loose Lead walking is one of the most important behaviours to learn in terms of your partnership with your dog. However, if you do not feel like you could happily walk down a road, without your arm being pulled out of socket, you are not alone!

Dogs tend to walk at a faster pace than us, and it is hard for them to understand our seeming indifference to their urgency of getting to the park! We need to help them to learn to regulate their pace, and show them that life is easier if we just go together. Over time the dog can feel that he has to pull you to get where he wants, so he wont even understand that he could slow down and do the same thing without constant lead pressure.

Over a set of four private, hour long sessions we will guide your dog into understanding that a loose lead means they can go ahead, and a taut lead means they have to come back to you.
We will cover basic off-lead heelwork to show that a lead is a safety device, rather than a management tool, and engage your dog into working with you.

The process is complete, and follows a step by step protocol for you to follow both within sessions, and between sessions. This is supplemented by a set of video tutorials, handouts to record progress, and phone/email support throughout.

dog training loose lead

AS a student you will also be able to hire our secure field for practice if you should wish it.

Dogs should be fit, healthy and pain free before each class commences.

The entire package cost is £180, contact me for details.
For a dowloadable pdf of the details, please see below.

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