Other Sports

New Multi-Sports, Flyball and Hoopers Classes added for September!



Flyball is a fast a furious sport for dogs who enjoy ball-chasing! The dogs tackle a set of four hurdles, hit the Flyball box to release the ball, and then bring it back down the hurdles where the next team member prepares their dog. This sports creates enthusiasm, speed, independence and a thirst for fun! Group Lessons on Thursday evenings from September!

Multi Sports Class

Have a go at a variety of different sports, and learn how we can mix them all up to achieve anything!
We can use almost any dog sport in this class, and have lots of fun in the process!
Tuesday evenings from September

Rally – O

If you would like to start in competitive obedience, then Rally – O is the new dynamic obedience competition which is finding more and more favour in the UK. This is mostly due to its revitalised configuration, and can be enjoyed by many dogs from early starts.


Scentwork covers several different sports – from scent discernment in ‘hides’ to tracking and man-trailing. All of these scentwork sports use your dog’s favoured sense – their smell. As an added bonus, dogs which are regularly scenting with you, are in general less likely to have a drive to go off hunting by themselves!

Dog Parkour

For those who would like to give agility a go without committing to group sessions we often run ‘Have a Go’ Workshops throughout the season (April – October). These will introduce your dog to the equipment and you to the principles of agility. We also do a lot of Parkour Training in our Dog Walking Club.


Hoopers is a new sport, which combines flowing nimbleness with speed using hoops, tunnels and barrels. As it does not have any impaction on joints, it is suitable for all dogs, including those young and old, unlike Agility. New lessons on Monday Lunchtimes from September!

Club Field

The Club field has specialised equipment for all the above dog sports, allowing us to train to high standards.

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How We Train

Most of our early focus for any sport is on confidence, engagement and drive. We want the dogs to have fun, as we can re-direct enthusiasm to almost anything!
We also need the dogs to listen to us in an over-arousing environment, so our input is extremely important to the partnership.

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