Reactivity Training Package

Having a reactive dog can be extremely difficult for you to deal with, as you are navigating your way through a world of possible triggers for your dog, trying to give them plenty of fun and stimulation, and trying to deal with other dog walkers, joggers, cyclists etc at the same time.

Dogs’ have different triggers – those things which set off their emotional response – and they can build up over the day to create a perfect storm of response. Some dogs can become aggressive through fear, and some will even redirect their aggression onto their owner, resulting in wounds.

Over a set of six private, hour long sessions we will help your dog by acknowledging and analysing their triggers, and the magnitude of their response. We will teach them and you coping strategies for when things happen, and put in place some management techniques for reducing their cortisol levels.
We will then start to work with the dog, below their arousal or fear threshold, to start to change their emotions towards the trigger object.

The process is different for every dog, and their response to training, and the speed at which they can change their emotions will depend on a variety of factors.

As a student you will also have the ability to hire our private, secure field to practice techniques or exercise your dog in peace.

The cost for the entire package is £250, and a downloadable PDF is available below.

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