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A snappy recall can be a literal lifesaver for your dog, as well as stop potential embarrassment for you as your dog runs towards a family eating a picnic…
Your dog’s life will be much improved by a gaining trust to be off lead, while you know you can call him back from any distraction.

Dogs have a lot of reinforcers in the environment. Hunting and following a scent, other dogs, playing in the water can all be far more rewarding to them than coming back to you when called. We can shift that balance through progressive training.

There are two 90 minute recall workshops coming up –

Reliable Recalls, which is suitable for dogs with little name recognition outside of the home environment, easily distracted by other dogs and people, slow recalls etc. Reliable Recalls is running on Wednesday September 22nd at 12:30 until 14:00, sign up here!

Predation Substitution is for dogs who have a good recall until their need to hunt takes over. Dogs that cannot stop themselves chasing rabbits, squirrels, birds etc, but otherwise have a decent recall need to be in this session! If you need both, please take Reliable Recall first.
Predation Substitution is running on Wednesday September 29th at 11:30 – 13:00

Private Package

Over a set of four private, hour long sessions we will guide your dog into understanding that coming back to you is the most reinforcing thing in their world, and prof the new behaviour against a variety of distractions.
We do this through a series of games and instructions.

The process is complete, and follows a step by step protocol for you to follow both within sessions, and between sessions. This is supplemented by a set of video tutorials, handouts to record progress, and phone/email support throughout.

As a student you will also have the ability to hire our private, secure field to practice knowing that your dog cannot get too far away.

The cost for the entire package is £180, and a downloadable PDF is available below.

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