Separation Anxiety Training Package

Living with a dog with separation anxiety can feel like a prison sentence, as you struggle to juggle your commitments with making sure your dog is not left alone.

Up to 75% of dogs in the UK suffer from separation anxiety, and only 20% of those owners are aware of it. Unfortunately it is the sort of condition which you may not be aware of until it gets to the point where furniture is being ruined, neighbours are complaining of noise, or your dog’s health deteriorates.

Over a set of six private, hour long sessions we will help your dog to understand that going away will always mean coming back. We will teach them coping strategies for being left alone, and put in place some management techniques for reducing their cortisol levels.
We will need to work with your dog below their threshold level, which will mean starting at extremely small time limits. How quickly your dog is able to progress is dependent on many variables.

We will also be able to help in terms of dog walking and visiting during the day if you have to leave them for whatever reason.

The cost for the entire package is £250, and a downloadable PDF is available below.

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