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Due to the Government’s advice on Covid-19 regulations we are currently only offering two types of private lesson at our private, secure field in Stubbington/Hillhead.

Puppy Socialisation Sessions

These sessions take place outdoors in a private, secure field and allow your puppy to explore new environments, items and equipment each session, as well as interact with a new person (your instructor) and a well mannered, well socialised adult dog. We will also introduce some basic obedience and recall games for your puppy.

All items and equipment will be cleaned properly after each use, and social distancing will be maintained at all times. Entry and exit of the site will be closely controlled to keep surfaces clean, and different places of the site will be rested between sessions to ensure no cross contamination.

These sessions are £15 each and are half an hour long. Please feel free to contact me, or to book online at

Private Lessons

Private sessions can cover anything you need to address, from companion obedience to sports work. Any equipment which is needed is properly cleaned after each session, and where possible I will ask you to use your own. There will be no need for me to come close to you or your dog, as I will be teaching you to train your own dog!

My field is one acre, split into two paddocks, and is fully enclosed, with an ‘airlock’ system between the field and the road for extra security. It is situated between Stubbington and Hillhead. Entry and exit will be closely controlled to assist with keeping the area clean, and I will ask you to bring your own treats, toys, water bowl and water, as well as take your own dog’s poo away with you.

Private lessons are 55 minutes long, and are on offer at a re-introductory price of £30. Please feel free to book online at

Training your dog to thrive in the modern world is part of your duty to them.

Cognition and How Dogs Think

Research into canine cognition and how they learn is putting your dog in the forefront of his own learning by using how your dog solves problems to create structured and individual learning environments. This keeps the dog calm, happy and eager to learn.

Our sessions, whether group or private aim to put your dog at the heart of their own learning.
We go at your dog’s pace, and use several different methods to make sure that your dog is able to fully understand what we are expecting from them.

Types of Training Offered

Group Puppy Training

A six week course applicable from your puppy’s first set of jabs, up to 5 months old.

Group Obedience Training

Bronze, Silver and Gold level obedience training, for dogs from 5 months of age.

Group Agility Training

Agility training for pets and beginners, on a full Kennel Club level course.

Group Gundog Training

Gundog training for all types of dogs, to harness their natural hunting instincts

All lessons should be fun, relaxed and positive; meaning fast and effective results. Training takes place in the most effective environment. Dogs are not great generalisers, so a perfect recall in your house or garden will not necessarily transfer into a real world scenario!

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