Training Classes Spring 2020

puppy positive training

Puppy Foundation Class

Join us for our new six week puppy class, covering recalls and name recognition, cooperative care, food manners, loose leash walking, duration and distance training and more.
We use play-based, positive, errorless learning to get quick and ethical results which builds your relationship as well as their behaviour.

The term starts on Sunday 8th March and runs for six weeks, excluding the 12th of April which is Easter Sunday. The sixth week will be on the 19th April instead .

Times are 18:00 to 19:00 at the Activity Room in Lee on Solent Community Association, Twyford Drive, PO13 8JU.

To book, please go to our online booking system by clicking here.

Beyond The Basics Class – Bronze and Silver

Sunday evenings, starting March 8th, 19:00 to 20:00
Lee on Solent Community Association, 51 Twyford Drive, Lee on Solent, PO13 8JU

In this fun class we take you further than the foundation behaviours at puppy class. As the dogs’ brains develop, we can ask for more from them. We will cover further position changes, stays, recalls, heelwork, targets, holds, drops, leave its, waiting, cooperative care, retrieves and various other skills. We will also start to add in elements from various dog sports including rally, flyball, agility, scent work, tracking and gundog, to ensure we keep the training fun for everyone involved. This will also give you skills to continue with for mental stimulation and play with your dog in the future.
There will be both Bronze and Silver levels running during the class as the skills are similar, but the duration, distance and distractions get harder as well as morphing the simple skills into full behaviour chains.

The course is £60.00 for the six weeks, which are running up to the 19th of April (as Easter Sunday will not have training)

To book, please go to our online booking system by clicking here.

Control Unleashed – Gold Level

Saturday mornings, 09:30 to 10:30
Lee on Solent Community Association Garden, Opposite 51 Twyford Drive, Lee on Solent, PO13 8JU.

Learn the secrets of a positive recall, emergency stops, target training, send aways, out of sight stays and loads more!
This is the Gold level course, as we now add in environmental distractions, and have lots more fun, in my secure field. You do not need to have taken my Bronze and Silver levels, but your dog does need to have an understanding of basic obedience, even if they are easily distracted out of doors!
Contact me if you’d like to know whether this class would be suitable for your dog.

Sign up and pay for only the classes you are able to attend. The syllabus is set out in six week sessions, however feel free to sign up single bookings or block bookings, but be aware that there can only be 6 dogs per class, except in exceptional circumstances, so please check the availability on the online booking system and sign yourself up!
£10 per session.

Gundog Class

Thursday evenings 19:00 to 20:00 at the Stubbington Venue.

Learn about balancing drive and control, whilst harnessing your dog’s natural tendencies to chase and/or retrieve.
For this class your dog should have basic recall, heelwork and stops – feel free to come to a course of Control Unleashed as a prerequisite if you would like to brush up those skills!
In this class we will proof the off lead behaviours, teach retrieves, holds and drops, memory retrieves, blind retrieves and casting (directional retrieves). We will look at hunting, some scentwork, and get your dog jumping over obstacles, as well diving into cover in my purpose made Copse.
Your dog does not have to be a gundog breed to join in! A love of chasing thrown objects or balls, plus their basic obedience is all that is required!

This is a six week course, and costs £60 in total.

Beginners Agility Class

Saturday Mornings 10:30 til 11:30 at the Stubbington Venue

A fun, high paced class suitable for dogs over 12 months of age (full jumping will only be allowed at 18 months of age) with their basic obedience and off lead control. Please feel free to attend a term of Control Unleashed Class if you would like a brush up of off lead control.

In this class we will introduce your dog to jumps, tunnels, weaves and the big equipment such as A Frames, Dog Walks and See Saws. We will look at directional control, drive and confidence and start putting courses together from the beginning, to ensure your dog is having the maximum amount of fun.

Please be aware that this is a high arousal class, and dogs with reactivity may find it a bit overwhelming. Please contact me to discuss your dog’s suitability if you are unsure, as we will work to get your dog involved in a way which will ensure their happiness.

This course is run in 6 week blocks and costs £60 for the full course.