In response to the Government’s update on May 11th 2020 regarding Covid-19, I will be recommencing private sessions ad individual puppy socialisation at my private field only.

Puppy Socialisation involves allowing your puppy to experience novel people (myself), a new environment, a well behaved and well mannered adult dog, and new items and equipment each session. This is all inline with government guidelines on social distancing and all equipment will be properly cleaned after each use. Each session is half an hour in length, and costs £15.

Private sessions can cover anything you need to address, from companion obedience to sports work. Any equipment which is needed is properly cleaned after each session, and where possible I will ask you to use your own. There will be no need for me to come close to you or your dog, as I will be teaching you to train your own dog! Each session is one hour long and is on offer, at a re-introductory price of £30, down from £35.

My field is one acre, split into two paddocks, and is fully enclosed, with an ‘airlock’ system between the field and the road for extra security. It is situated between Stubbington and Hillhead. Entry and exit will be closely controlled to assist with keeping the area clean, and I will ask you to bring your own treats, toys, water bowl and water, as well as take your own dog’s poo away with you.

Please feel free to book online at https://oceanbluedogsbooking.as.me/

We are also continuing to offer three classes via online learning:
Puppy Training
Beyond the Basics
Isolation Antics.
Contact us to find out more!

Time spent building the relationship with your dog is never wasted.


dog training agility

The study of canine cognition has never been so prolific, and with this new research brings new ways to effectively engage with and train our pets and sports dogs.

gundog water training

Your dog should never come out of a training session in fear, frustration or confusion; meaning that the next time you go to train, your dog will be there before you, loving life and willing to learn.


puppy and cat behaviour

Whether you aspire to loose lead walking, safe recalls, cooperative vet visits, performance dog sports or simply reducing fear and aggression, we can help.Not only can we give you fast, effective and enriching training games, we can teach you why and how they work, enabling you to train your dog effectively yourself in the future.

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Classes can be taken in your home and local vicinity, or our secure training field between Hillhead and Stubbington.

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