Behaviour Packages and Consults

Sessions are taken with a qualified and experienced Canine Behaviourist, affiliated with the APDT and the PPG.


Reactive BEhaviour Package

Over a set of six private, hour long sessions we will help your dog by acknowledging and analysing their triggers, and discussing their responses. We will teach them coping strategies for when things happen, and put in place some management techniques for reducing their cortisol levels.
We will then start to work with the dog, below their arousal or fear threshold, to start to change their emotions towards the trigger object.
These sessions are best taken at the Club Field, where we can fully control the environment and ensure triggers are minimised, and therefore cost £220

Resource Guarding PAckage

Resource guarding dogs can be a danger to family members, especially children. We can give your dog coping strategies to help them understand that ‘sharing’ (food, toys, bed, attention etc) is in their best interests, and be happy to check in with someone rather than lashing out. These are four sessions long, and can be taken either at the club field (£150) or as home visits (£180)

Recall Package

A complete package of 4 private, hour long sessions taken at your pace. The package includes a variety of video tutorials, some written material, and delves deep into the psychology of the perfect recall. We experiment with different reinforcers, and have a variety of distractions to help train. The total cost is £150.

Rescue Dogs

Rescue dogs often need specialised care and compassion, and often come with totally different issues to ‘normal’ dogs.
Having owned, worked with and consulted for rescue charities and rescues we are well equipped to help you with any challenges or worries you are having. Contact us directly for a mini-consult to see how we can help.

Separation Anxiety PAckage

Dogs with separation anxiety can cause a myriad of issues for the owner, them and their house. In four sessions we will help your dog to understand that going away will always mean coming back. We will teach them coping strategies for being left alone, and put in place some management techniques for reducing their cortisol levels.
We will need to work with your dog below their threshold level, which will mean starting at extremely small time limits. How quickly your dog is able to progress is dependent on many variables.
These sessions are best taken as at the dogs’ main residence., and therefore cost £180

Predation Substitution Package

Dogs that are so intent on hunting and chasing have a really hard time switching back to their owners and calling themselves off the hunt. For dogs like this a different approach to recall training is required, taking into account their overpowering natural instincts. We can harness this and teach games which train your dog to put you into their hunt sequence! These take four sessions initially, and are best taken at the Club Field, and costs £150.

Loose Lead Walking Package

This package is four hours of private sessions, taking you from pulled-along to pleasantly ambling. The focus is on getting your dog to enjoy being next to you, and to focus on you, rather than the environment. We teach your dog to understand when he needs to return to your side, and how to take his pace from yours. These can be taken at the field (£150) or at your home (£180)

Private Sessions

All the contents of the packages are also available in ad-hoc private sessions, though the packages offer better value for the majority of dogs.

How We Work


We only use proven, progressive and positive methods, always managing the situations and environments to ensure your dog is able to ‘win’ every time. Where we can, we involve play in the training, as evidence has shown that neural pathways are formed more quickly when learned through play.


With thousands of hours of teaching and training experience we can make sure that your goals are achieved in a timely and positive manner. Having titled her dogs in a variety of sports, including competitive Obedience, and having taken in dogs from rescue situations and continuing to work as a Behaviorist for a variety of rescue charities, Debbi is well placed to ensure that your dog is met with the same kindness, consistency and methods which contribute to success.

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