Puppy courses are for dogs from their first set of jabs up to around 5/6 months of age.


Puppy Class

Our puppy class is currently taking place atthe Club Field in Stubbington, 17:00 – 18:00. Throughout the spring and summer a second session is usually added, subject to demand. Their are usually two instructors in the course, with the number of puppies capped to ensure the best learning environment. The next puppy course starts on the 9th September 2022. Book Online or Contact me with any questions!

Private Puppy Sessions

If you have specific things you would like to work on, or would just prefer more personalised training, then you might prefer to have private sessions. These can either take place at the Club field or at your home, depending on the package you choose..

Online Learning

We have a set of 10 pdfs and video tutorials to help you with many common puppy challenges, plus early obedience training, which can be done at your own pace, or before classes start. You can buy this here.

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What We Do

We are in the process of being affiliated as a Kennel Club Listed Club, in coalition with Fareham and Gosport Councils, and are therefore able to offer a wide range of courses, whilst you can be secure in the knowledge that we reach the most rigorous standards.

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How We Train

Most of our early focus for all puppies is on confidence, engagement and drive. We want the dogs to have fun, as we can re-direct enthusiasm to almost anything!
We also need the dogs to listen to us in an over-arousing environment, so our input is extremely important to the partnership.

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