Puppies have a critical period to be introduced to everything they need to know about life

Puppy Training Courses

Our autumn sessions take place indoors at St Vincent College. Numbers are limited to 8 puppies with one person per puppy, due to Coronavirus restrictions. This number is based on having one instructor and an assistant instructor most weeks.

All items and equipment will be cleaned properly after each use, and social distancing will be maintained at all times. Masks are not mandatory at this time, but feel free to wear one if you wish to. Please do contact me if you are worried about taking an indoor class.

Our puppy course is an hour long on Friday evenings at 16:30 and runs for six consecutive weeks. The next Friday course starts on 5th November. Click on the date to book on!

The course is £75 for the full six weeks and includes video tutorials, plenty of handouts and reading material and extra help and support on top of the physical sessions themselves.

The course includes name recognition and recall; sits, downs and stays; impulse control and leaving; playing and dropping; loose lead walking and heelwork, and lots more.

The sessions are run in a positive, progressive and play based manner to help your pup learn to love training.

Please get in contact for a syllabus and to ask any questions!

Puppy Socialisation Sessions

These are hour long drop-in sessions for the puppies to explore, learn early foundation training and take time to play with each other. Every session is overseen by a qualified Canine Behaviourist, to make sure that your puppy’s interactions are positive and a good learning experience.

There sessions are perfect for shift workers or those that cannot commit to regular weekly classes, but do focus more on play and introductions than training, as they are run on a reduced training syllabus due to not having the same puppies weekly. These sessions take place in an outdoor pen in a secure, private field.

These run every Monday lunchtime, and must be booked online here.

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Purchase a set of comprehensive PDFs to help with everything your puppy will need you to know from the moment you bring them home.
The PDFs include seperation anxiety, toilet training, alone training, play, critical development periods, socialisation checklists and much more.
Also included is access to a set of 10 video tutorials.
Cost is £30, with a deduction from the cost of the in-person puppy training course if you choose to attend those.

Critical Socialisation Period

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Puppies have a critical socialisation period between 6 and 16 weeks in which they can discover new things without fear. The more new sights, sounds, smells and situations they are presented with at this age the fewer reasons they will have to be reactive in later life.

Socialisation isn’t just about meeting new dogs, though interactions with well behaved, social and confident dogs is important. Socialisation also means meeting potentially scary things such as sheep cows, skateboards, people wearing hats and carrying umbrellas, workmen in high vis, children, fireworks, etc.

Setting Your Puppy Up For Life

Puppy owners have an incredible responsibility during this time and we can provide a checklist with the help and support to achieve it, for as much of your puppy’s socialisation needs as possible.

As puppies aren’t fully vaccinated until towards the end of this period, it is important that precautions are taken for the safety of your puppy. However, there is still an overwhelming need to socialise your puppy properly so it is important to get out and about. We can help you with these safety precautions.

Get in Touch to find out more about preparing your puppy for life in this modern, human, world.

We offer group puppy training classes, in-home private puppy training sessions, toilet training help, socialisation sessions and lots of reading material to help you.

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