Useful Links

Useful links for dog training
If dogs could search the web…

I have compiled a list of useful links for various different areas of dog training which should help you.
Every one of these links takes you to a resource which uses or advocates positive reinforcement training, so you can read them with confidence.

For all about breeding and puppies please visit Avidog, where you can find lots of resources for puppy owners, plus Avidog associate breeders, who spend lots of time and money investing in their litters from conception all the way through to homing.

For more about positive gundog training please visit Pippa Mattinson’s Totally Gundogs page, where you can find out about clicker training your gundog and the gundog graded schemes. Also check out the Hold The Line podcast, by Jo Laurens at Galody Gundogs (Avidog Associate Breeder)

For a lovely Competitive Agility club please visit South Downs Agility Club, and there is lots of information on the Kennel Club and UKA websites.

The Dogs Trust publish lots of useful articles about a range of dog-owning related issues, which is always worth a read.

The Karen Pryor Academy, by one of the pioneers of clicker training, gives lots of information about the fundamentals of clicker training if you are interested and want to find out more. I never push clicker training in my classes, but am more than happy to teach you this way if you would like.

If there is anything else you would like me to publish links to please let me know. I will always try my best to vet the links to make sure they represent my ethics and training methods.