Agility Training

Agility is a fantastic way to build a bond, keep you both fit and have lots of fun


Group Lessons

Group Lessons are currently taken on Tuesday evenings, from Beginners up to Level 3. They happen at the Club Field in Stubbington, and are suitable for fit, healthy dogs from the age of 12 months. Dogs must have a good recall/focus on their handler.

Puppy Pre-Agility Workshops

For pups under 12 months we run pre-agility workshops monthly throughout the season (April – October). This is to minimise impact on joints and growth plates from repetitive motions. Sessions happen over poles, not jumps, and on low-level contact equipment, mainly focussing on drive and engagement. Check out the workshops page to find the next dates!

Competition Workshops

Competition workshops give you the chance to practice particular areas of competitive agility, such as stopped or running contacts, independence and drive, obstacle discrimination, and weaves.

Private Sessions

Private sessions generally happen midweek mornings/lunchtimes at the Club Field in Stubbington. We can cover any area of agility, from complete beginners up to pre-competition.

Have a Go workshops

For those who would like to give agility a go without committing to group sessions we often run ‘Have a Go’ Workshops throughout the season (April – October). These will introduce your dog to the equipment and you to the principles of agility.
Check out the workshops page to find the next dates!

Competition Team

Everyone who wants to start competing has the option to join our competition group for help and support at events, info about new events and to answer all your questions. We generally have members at most shows in the area, so can easily make sure you are looked after!

Club Field

The Club field has a full set of KC-regulation equipment, as well as lower-level options for young and unexperienced dogs. We have two complete sets of weaves, seesaws, dog walks, and A-Frames, plus normal jumps, tunnels, long jump, tyre jump and wall jump to train over.

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How We Train

Most of our early focus is on confidence, engagement and drive. We want the dogs to have fun, as we can re-direct enthusiasm to almost anything!
We also need the dogs to listen to us in an over-arousing environment, so our input is extremely important to the partnership.

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See a breakdown of our Agility Level Awards!

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