About Us

Debbi Booth MSc, APDT, PPG


Canine Cognition and Emotion Certificate from Duke University

Level 6 Diploma (Degree) in Canine Behaviour

Level 4 Diploma in Canine Behaviour Training (Distinction)

Level 4 Diploma in Canine Coaching (Distinction)

Diploma of Canine Nutrition

Diploma of Canine Psychology

Diploma in Dog Grooming

Qualified in Pet First Aid and CPR

*subject to final dissertation

Premium Member of APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers) Member 97962
Canine Training Professional member of PPG (Pet Professionals Guild)
Silver Member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists

Accredited by Canine Principles.


Having trained dogs for many years in a variety of dogs sports, and titling dogs in various of those sports, Debbi became interested in behaviour through one special, difficult dog who needed a specific type of handling to bring out her best. That dog went from being fear reactive with generalised anxiety to competing in national competitions in working tests and agility, with no relapse in behaviour.
Following that initial interest Debbi went on to complete various degrees, certificates and diplomas from various countries and studying with top canine cognitive experts.

Current Dogs

Ocean – TDCH Galody Handcuff Lightning AW(S), IDP, TEAM1+ Ocean is a Labrador who started her competitive life in gundog working tests and field trials, but eventually showed that she preferred Agility. She is currently at Grade 4, and also enjoys scentwork, is a Trick Dog Champion, and has her Gold Good Citizen Award.
Atlanta – Blue Atlantic Fable
Atlanta is a puppy who came to us from Bosnia, rescued from the mountains. She is a crossbreed with a large amount of sighthound, probably with some shepherd breed. She is currently learning scentwork and starting her agility journey.


We only use proven, progressive and positive methods, always managing the situations and environments to ensure your dog is able to ‘win’ every time. Where we can, we involve play in the training, as evidence has shown that neural pathways are formed more quickly when learned through play.


With thousands of hours of teaching and training experience we can make sure that your goals are achieved in a timely and positive manner. Having titled her dogs in a variety of sports, including competitive Obedience, and having taken in dogs from rescue situations and continuing to work as a Behaviorist for a variety of rescue charities, Debbi is well placed to ensure that your dog is met with the same kindness, consistency and methods which contribute to success.

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